Services offered:


Areas covered include Reigate, Redhill, Merstham, Kingswood, Woodhatch, Earlswood, Salfords, Nutfield, Bletchingley, Walton on the Hill and similar surrounding areas, call to see if I can help.

I specialise in solo walks for dogs who, for many reasons,  cannot join group walks.  However I am happy to walk dogs from the same household, up to three dogs.  I cannot take female dogs in season and will use discretion over un-neutered male dogs.  All dogs walked/transported need to be vaccinated, dependant on age.

If your dog(s) get wet on the walk I will dry off tummies and legs as best as I can and ask that you provide a towel.  I do not want to put any dog’s health at risk in very hot weather and may slightly shorten a walk if there is any possibility of your dog over heating, or if possible offer an alternative such as pet sitting instead.

Where food or medication is being given please ensure clear instructions are provided.  I am not responsible for any adverse reaction by your much loved pet to any food or medication. I shall record your vet details in case urgent vet care is required at any time.

Your house key will be kept away from any identifying information and kept secure.

Sometimes life events affect our ability to provide care for our much loved animals. This could be later life restrictions, illness, recovering from surgery, new baby etc so rather than worrying how to keep on top of your animal care call me and see if we can arrange some short term solution!

Full terms and conditions and other paperwork to be provided at the initial free consultation in your home where I get to meet yourself/ves and your much loved pet(s).

Dog Walks

 Dog walks will be on lead until I am confident your dog is friendly with other dogs, people and has very strong recall.  Off lead walks will need signed agreement from the owner.

Walks will be for an hour or half hour with pick up/drop off time included within the cost.  The walks will be in safe countryside, woodland, heathland ideal for stimulating play and your dog will be returned happy, exercised and ready for a nap!

Every dog has a different need.  Walks may be regular exercise for adult dogs, new adventures for puppies, slower poodling about for oldies or recovering from vet care.  This is why I offer both full and half hour walks to cater for every need.

Pet Sitting/Pet Care

If you’re away from home and want your pets to keep their home comforts I can offer hour or half hour pet sitting/pet care.  This could include care for puppies who need extra interaction, stimulation, cuddles and more frequent toilet breaks in the garden.  It also includes cats, bunnies, other small furies, providing reassurance for you that they are being fed, fresh water, litter/bedding changed and there is regular contact and cuddles to make sure all is well.  Please note that dogs should never be left on their own if you are away overnight/on holiday – this is would be an animal welfare issue and someone would need to be house sitting during those times.

If you are away due to a holiday or work I can also bring in any post, water plants, put the bins out etc to make it look like someone is at home.

Pop-ins/Pet Care

Shorter 15 minute pop-ins are offered, once or twice a day, dependant on your animal’s needs.

This is also available if you find you won’t be back home on time and a quick check in means toilet breaks or feeding can continue.

Pet Transport/Taxi

Transporting your much loved pet to the groomers, back from the kennels, vets or other reason.  You are responsible for payment for any services accessed and I cannot make decisions on your behalf.

Mileage from your or my home to the vets/groomers etc and return mileage to your home will be charge at 20p per mile in addition to the half hourly rate if the destination is outside the RH1 post code.

High Quality Dog Treats

I also offer high quality dog treats from the J R Pet Products range (look them up online) at competitive prices.  Many of the treats are not accessible in local pet stores.  If interested I can send you a flyer with the most up to date products I have available.  Present and past clients in the local catchment area can have free delivery, outside there is a delivery fee.